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Hospitality Consulting for new and established developments.

Whether your project is large scale mixed use or a stand-alone food and beverage outlet, Hammer and Plate can guide your project through development.  


Plan and design review for feel, layout and flow. Operator consultation, construction and third-party coordination.

Restaurant Selection

Absorb the culinary scene in the demographic area of the development and immerse myself in the hospitality community to determine the top players and discover up-and-coming businesses. 


Analyze new and existing operations for appropriateness, processes, financials, and management to maximize efficiency and effectiveness as well as financial success.

Gerards pics final.jpg

My story

The best dishes tend to come from the best ingredients: Local Guanciale from Berkshire Pigs; farm-raised local eggs; spaghetti made by hand using only imported ‘OO’ flour and Parmigiano Reggiano aged 36 months. These ingredients will make a perfect Spaghetti Carbonara, but serve it in the wrong dish, in the wrong room, with the wrong utensils, and by the wrong person, and all is lost. The best dishes actually start with a shovel and dirt, a vision, and a desire to be extraordinary. Developments and restaurants start the same way.

It is here that my journey with you begins. I have spent my 30-year career in the pursuit of these ‘magical’ moments of food and dining perfection. From dirt to dish- all aspects that make a vision come to life. My time has been spent managing and owning top establishments in Colorado as well as consulting with medium and large-scale projects – nurturing and combining my passion for development with an understanding of true hospitality.

 I have built both restaurants and food halls from the ground up as well as run the day-to-day operations. It is this broad wealth of experience and knowledge that I will bring to your vision - I will turn your recipe into the very best dish.

“Kate is our team’s secret weapon. Her knowledge of operations is incredibly valuable from the beginning design stages to opening day. Her insights into what to look for in a tenant and what a tenant is looking for in a space, and then balancing that with the needs of the project and the other tenants within the project, make creating the right dynamic in a mixed-use property a smooth and successful process. All of that combined with Kate’s sense of style and her eye for design make her the perfect partner for any creative development or F&B project with a bent towards beauty and function.”

Brandon Lodge - Real Estate Developer and Consultant

The Ice House and Nova


"It was an absolute pleasure to have Kate consult, envision & curate on Highlands Central Market. Her vast knowledge of the industry paired with her above-and-beyond attitude significantly impacted the success of our project. Kate is your go to person for any and all restaurant-related projects."

Steve Maestas - Principal

Maestas Development



Il PPosto.jpeg

Il Posto

Denver, opened 2017

Sushi Rama.png


(Rino) - Denver, opened 2016


Denver Central Market

Denver, opened 2016


Little on Mountain

Fort Collins, opened 2019


Gerard's Pool Hall

Denver, opened 2018


The Kitchen Denver

Denver, opened 2012  |  Chicago, opened 2014  |  Fort Collins, 2015   


Point Easy

Denver, opened 2022


Honey Elixir Bar

Denver, opened 2020

Voicebox Karaoke

Denver, opened 2017

Current projects

Highlands Central Market – Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Grand Market – Kansas, City Missouri

The Nova - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Historic Rehabilitation Project

Welton Street Cafe Denver, Colorado

Green Spaces Bar Denver, Colorado

Relish Food Hall Louisville, Colorado

Broadway MarketLubbock, Texas



Based in Denver and Boulder Colorado

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